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We are a Chinese indiegame group,four guys.We spend a weekend to make this drink game.Hope you have a good time in this.
Tutorial: You must drink wine in limited time,if you didn't do it,the game over.Every kind of wine will give you a debuff,the debuff can be overlying.Use WASD to move,E to drink wine.
Green wine: Time-delay movement
Yellow wine:Blur
Orange wine:Deceleration
Blue wine:Reverse direction
Purple wine:Chaos movement
Time is over,probably have many bugs,we didn't have time to mixed it.It's very pity. 

Published Dec 05, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsLudum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare


DrinkOrDie v1.2.zip 36 MB
DrinkOrDie v1.0.zip 34 MB

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